Allfunds Bank, S.A.U.

Corporate Governance and Remuneration Policy

Allfunds Group plc (Allfunds) is the parent company of the group. It is a UK-based company listed on Euronext Amsterdam. Allfunds is the sole indirect shareholder of Allfunds Bank, the Spanish company that holds the banking licence and operates as a regulated financial institution. Although each company has its own governing bodies and internal rules, the governance of their boards of directors is consistent, well-integrated and aligned through an adequate and efficient flow of information, access for both of them to all data and information necessary to understand and lead the group and a coordinated schedule of meetings.

Board of Directors

David Bennett

Independent Chair

Lisa Dolly

Independent Vice Chair

Sofia Mendes

Independent Non-Executive Director

David Pérez Renovales

Independent Non-Executive Director

JP Rangaswami

Independent Non-Executive Director

Delfín Rueda

Independent Non-Executive Director

Ursula Schliessler

Independent Non-Executive Director

Johannes Korp

Non-Executive Director

Chris Reid

Non-Executive Director

Zita Saurel

Non-Executive Director

Philippe Benoit

Non-Executive Director

Juan Alcaraz

Executive Director (CEO)

Marta Oñoro

Secretary (non-member)

Board Committees



Board of directors
Remuneration and Appointments Committee
Risk and Audit Committee
David Bennett--
Lisa Dolly-
Sofia Mendes--
David Pérez Renovales-
JP Rangaswami-
Delfín Rueda--
Ursula Schliessler-
Johannes Korp-
Chris Reid --
Zita Saurel-
Philippe Benoit--
Juan Alcaraz--
Marta Oñoro (Secretary non-member)Secretary (non-member)Secretary (non-member)

Governance Documents

Compliance and AML

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