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Allfunds e il Gruppo BCC Iccrea finalizzano l'acquisizione delle attività di Local Paying Agent (Banca Corrispondente e Banca Agente) di Iccrea Banca.

4 DICEMBRE 2023 - Allfunds Group plc ("Allfunds") (AMS: ALLFG), una delle principali piattaforme B2B WealthTech per l'industria dei fondi, e Iccrea Banca, la capogruppo del Gruppo BCC Iccrea (il quarto gruppo bancario in Italia per asset totali, 168 miliardi di euro, e la seconda per numero di sportelli nel Paese, circa 2.440), annunciano che venerdì 1° dicembre hanno firmato il closing dell'accordo in base al quale Allfunds acquisisce le attività di local paying agent (Banca Corrispondente e Banca Agente) di Iccrea Banca con relativo accordo di esclusiva a lungo termine.

Con questa operazione, Allfunds consoliderà la sua posizione nel settore delle attività di local paying agent in Italia, accrescerà il proprio livello di servizio ai clienti e, allo stesso tempo, rafforzerà la sua partnership con un'istituzione finanziaria leader nel Paese.

L'operazione creerà valore aggiunto per gli azionisti di Allfunds generando sin dal primo anno crescita in termini di marginalità EBITDA e di adjusted EPS. L’operazione è stata interamente finanziata attraverso una linea di credito revolving di Allfunds Group e avrà un impatto neutro sulla posizione di liquidità di Allfunds Banking Group.

Questo accordo si inserisce nella strategia del Gruppo BCC Iccrea volta a sostenere i progetti di sviluppo nell'area del risparmio gestito, e permetterà di capitalizzare il valore di questi asset e di incrementare ulteriormente i propri già solidi coefficienti patrimoniali.

4 dic 2023

Allfunds announces UK dual-regulation as it strengthens UK footprint

London, 30 November – Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), the leading B2B WealthTech platform for the fund management industry, today announces that is has been authorised to operate as a Third Country Branch in the UK, strengthening its business footprint in the UK market.

Allfunds’ UK business will be dual-regulated by both the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), anticipating the end of the Temporary Permissions Regime for UK branches of EEA-regulated firms. Under its FCA authorization, it will operate under the UK’s Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS) regulatory provisions in offering client assets safekeeping under its UK nominee accounts structure. 

Allfunds’ authorisation in the UK symbolises its commitment to the highest levels of regulatory adherence in the key markets in which the business operates. The authorisation also cements Allfunds’ status as a leading, responsible provider of financial and banking services to a growing roster of clients in the UK wealth management market, encompassing investment management and insurance firms plus intermediary and pensions platforms.

Tom Wooders, UK Country Head of Allfunds of Allfunds commented: “Allfunds’ authorisation in the UK marks an important milestone in the continued growth of our business in a key global market, while also demonstrating our commitment to ensuring strong performance that ultimately underpins the quality of the service received by our clients. Allfunds’ regulatory authorisation in the UK comes at a critical time, as the industry seeks trusted partners for the delivery of sophisticated, high-quality services and greater efficiencies in their own client service. We are confident this milestone will strengthen our existing client relationships while positioning us strongly to capitalise on demand for services such as those Allfunds provide.”

30 nov 2023

Allfunds Alternative Solutions Expands Trading Platform to Include Spanish Private Equity Funds

Madrid, 28 November 2023 - Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), one of the leading B2B WealthTech platform for the funds industry, announces that its alternative asset platform, Allfunds Alternative Solutions (‘AAS’), has developed new functionalities that will allow trading with Spanish private equity funds (‘Fondos de Capital Riesgo’ or ‘FCRs’).

AAS was launched in 2023 with the aim to facilitate scalable growth within the alternative assets marketplace by fostering closer collaboration between distributors and managers, while simultaneously developing and adapting the necessary technology for more streamlined management of illiquid strategies. The introduction of FCRs is a significant milestone for Allfunds as it seeks to meet the growing demand from its clients, particularly in the private banking sector, for enhanced access to alternative assets and private markets. While Allfunds has prior experience managing assets in specialized vehicles such as FCRs, UCITs, ELTIFs, UCI Part II, RAIFs, and PEFs, this service was previously offered on-demand.

Allfunds Alternative Solutions will automate the operations for these funds and allow them to trade as omnibus accounts, meaning the manual processes and administrative requirements typically associated with the distribution of alternatives products are significantly reduced. Distribution networks are also enhanced, meaning products reach deeper into a wider pool of target clients.

An additional benefit for asset managers is the availability of a single, reliable and robust reporting point. The platform delivers information quickly and accurately, enabling managers to efficiently access and manage data.

FCRs to be integrated into AAS initially include vehicles managed by firms such as AMCHOR and Arcano.

Borja Largo, Chief Fund Groups Officer and Head of Allfunds Alternative Solutions, says: “We are pleased to welcome new products from AMCHOR and Arcano to our platform and thank them for their continued trust in Allfunds. At AAS we are committed to effectively transform and digitise alternative asset trading and today marks an important step into our exciting journey into the future.”

Alejandro Sarrate, Co-Founder and CEO of AMCHOR Investment Strategies, states: “This is an important step for the private markets industry. We are confident that Allfunds will help grow the market by simplifying the distribution and monitoring processes, as they have been doing for decades in the liquid world. We at AMCHOR are delighted to have taken part in its development and to be able to offer our investment programmes through the platform”.

José Luis del Río, CEO of Arcano Capital, adds: “We are very pleased to be able to contribute to the launch of the Allfunds Alternative Solutions platform, which will facilitate access to our alternative management products to a broader base of private banking clients. The incorporation of Arcano's funds to AAS is fully aligned with the digitalisation initiatives we have undertaken internally over the past few years to enhance our clients’ experience, improve the efficiency of our operations and expand our distribution capabilities”.

28 nov 2023