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Logotype Main Version

The Allfunds logotype identifies the company and its services and products. That is why it is essential to reproduce it correctly as explained in this document. Thanks to the flexibility of the new identity, neither the positive nor the negative versions have priority. Both apply depending on design needs.

Logo main version Main version - Positive

Logo negative Main version - Negative

logo black Black Version

Logo white White Version

Clear zone

The clear zone creates space around the logotype that ensures legibility and makes sure the logotype stands out in communication pieces. It is calculated proportionally to the size of the logotype as indicated here.

Minimum Size

These size have been defined using a common quality offcie laser printer to ensure the logotype doues not lose its distinctive features when printed in small sizes with standard reproduction equipament.


To guarantee brand recognition, it is forbidden to change the colour scheme. Never place the logotype on a red background.