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Allfunds Business Smart Contracts solution: a blockchain technology for fund distribution operations that serves as a roadmap strategy for the optimal implementation and use of blockchain in the value chain.

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An opportunity to deliver savings in a blockchain ecosystem and to understand the best adaptation strategy in a constantly changing environment

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It’s crucial to understand how the technology and its adoption can drastically reduce current core dealing activities in the value chain in every sector

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Dedicated privacy and anonymity features for data governance issues in blockchain ecosystems

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Avoid long and expensive integration downtime when using our fully integrated tools

Allfunds Blockchain is at the forefront of innovation, as demonstrated by its role in the successful launch of Spain's first tokenized fund in 2022. With a dedicated staff of over 20 experts in three countries, the team covers Allfunds' global markets and provides blockchain-based solutions to all fund value chain stakeholders.

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Allfunds appoints Pablo Sanz as Head of Operations of Allfunds Alternative Solutions

Madrid/London, 8 June 2023 – Allfunds, one of the leading B2B WealthTech platforms for the funds industry offering fully integrated solutions for both Fund Houses and Distributors, today announces that Pablo Sanz has been appointed as Head of Operations for Allfunds Alternative Solutions, effective immediately.


Pablo has over two decades of alternative investments experience, having started working in the alternative funds industry in 2001. He began his career at Banco Santander as an auditor. Most recently, Pablo was COO at Arcano Partners where he led the regulatory transformation of Arcano’s private equity management company into a global asset management company. At Arcano, he also launched private equity, venture capital, sustainable infrastructure, real estate, credit, and multi-asset funds, as well as the ESG & Responsible Investment Strategy for the Group for Investment Banking.


Prior to this, Pablo was Chief Financial Officer at Impala Capital Partners and JB Capital Markets, where he was involved in alternatives fund management, alongside leading and developing finance and risk management activity. Pablo’s responsibilities to-date have been international in scope, working with funds in Spain, the UK, Luxembourg, Ireland, the US, and Canada.


Allfunds Alternative Solutions was launched in March 2023 as a new separate division in response to strong demand among Allfunds’ clients for better access to alternative assets and private markets. Allfunds has been active in this area, with assets under administration in specialised vehicles (UCITs, ELTIFs, UCI Part II, RAIFs and FCRs) although until recently this was an on-demand service. The launch of the specialised division will provide clients with an always-on service to match their demands, while adding dedicated expert resources to Allfunds’ global activity.


The new division will also focus on channelling current demand and driving Allfunds' growth in services related to illiquid strategies. Pablo will lead IT and operations for the alternatives proposition, which includes dedicated trading teams based in Madrid and Warsaw reporting to Borja Largo.


Borja Largo, Chief Fund Groups Officer, Allfunds, said, “The alternatives market is growing exponentially, demonstrated by the strong demand for illiquid strategies from our clients, particularly those in the wealth management segment. We are committed to enhancing our alternatives offering and creating market-leading tech-enabled infrastructure to connect all our distributors with the best General Partners, while scaling our capabilities in key markets for the business. I’m delighted that Pablo will lead this initiative; his extensive experience puts Allfunds in a strong position to meet changing investor demands in the current environment. Under his leadership, a growing team of experienced professionals will unlock our clients’ access to alternative and private markets, while simultaneously growing our assets under administration in this space.”


Pablo Sanz continued, “I am excited to join Allfunds at a time when the alternatives market is growing exponentially, with strong demand for illiquid strategies from our wealth management clients in particular as they look to diversify their portfolios. Allfunds is committed to leading the transformation of the distribution of alternative funds, helping fund managers broaden their investor base and providing our clients with better access to assets capable of delivering strong portfolio returns.”

Jun 8, 2023

Allfunds and Endowus partnership

HONG KONG, June 6, 2023 – Endowus, Hong Kong and Singapore’s leading B2C digital WealthTech platform, and Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), a prominent global B2B WealthTech company for the funds industry, have joined hands to bring individual and institutional investors access to top-tier investment products in a timely and cost-effective manner, via a seamless and digitally-enabled experience.

Endowus has developed a unique, proprietary fund brokerage platform to support its no-fee, zero commission business model in Hong Kong. This platform is a testament to Endowus' commitment to technology and innovation. Its primary strength lies in its speed, accuracy, transparency, and capacity to process numerous investment orders simultaneously, and on a large scale.

Allfunds is an instrumental partner in this endeavour, providing its digital fund distribution capabilities to enhance the platform's operations. The seamless integration of Allfunds’ features with Endowus' multi-broker, multi-currency, and multi-asset class platform is a win-win partnership, harnessing the strengths of both parties to improve and optimise financial transactions.

This partnership with Allfunds has enabled Endowus to expertly curate and swiftly onboard investment funds from a large universe of fund houses available on the Allfunds platform, bypassing the onerous process of negotiating individual distribution agreements with each fund manager. This streamlined digital process reduces the lengthy onboarding procedure involving due diligence and operational set-ups, to achieve business velocity and scalability. The connectivity and accessibility of Allfunds’ digital infrastructure enhances Endowus’ ability to provide its clients with a seamless and digitised experience through various investment lifecycles.

As a full-service wealth management platform, one of Endowus’ signature offerings in Singapore and Hong Kong is its self-serve fund platform, also known as Fund Smart, where clients can choose to invest in single mutual funds, or build multi-fund portfolios. By integrating with Allfunds, investors in Hong Kong have access to over 160 curated funds managed by 50 global managers in both the public and private markets, across asset classes including cash and money market, fixed income, equity, multi-asset, commodities, private equity, hedge funds and alternatives.

Welcoming the new collaboration, Sebastien Chaker, Head of Hong Kong at Allfunds, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with Endowus in Hong Kong, providing them with the agility to add new fund products to their distribution shelves in a rapid, compliant and cost-effective way.  Our collaboration allows Endowus to focus on curating the funds and delivering a superior digital investment experience to their customers, while Allfunds ensures seamless and cost-effective access to these funds in a fully digital environment.”

Steffanie Yuen, Managing Director and Head of Hong Kong, Endowus, added: "Endowus believes in the power of technology to provide Hong Kong investors with a next-generation wealth management experience that is digitally seamless, conflict-free, and transparent. Working with Allfunds has enabled us to offer investors an enhanced client experience where speed and low friction are favoured, while also providing broader access to best-in-class funds at a low and fair fee."

Endowus' proprietary wealthtech platform—designed for compatibility across multiple regions, counterparties, and regulatory markets—expertly integrates with Allfunds' broad universe of over 100,000 fund products from more than 3,000 fund houses globally.

This collaboration underpins Endowus' client-first philosophy, and its commitment to delivering institutional-grade services and investment solutions—at the lowest achievable cost. It also reinforces Allfunds' dedication to providing a global ecosystem and localised solutions to clients in Asia, helping investors address business challenges and uncover investment opportunities.

Endowus is Hong Kong’s first fee-only, non-commission-based digital wealth management platform. The firm does not receive any sales commissions and provides an industry-first 100% cashback on trailer fees to its clients. This allows Endowus to remain independent and conflict-free when serving in its clients’ best interest as their trusted fiduciary advisor.

Jun 6, 2023


Stockholm/Madrid, 18 April 2023 – Allfunds, one of the leading B2B WealthTech platforms for the funds industry, announces a partnership with Länsförsäkringar Fondliv, the leading independent Swedish mutual insurance company.

The partnership will provide Länsförsäkringar access to the Allfunds platform and unlock a universe of more than 130,000 funds for dealing and trading, equipped with tools and screeners to navigate what is one of the largest mutual fund offerings available today under a single provider. Additionally, through Allfunds’ digital ecosystem, Allfunds Connect, Länsförsäkringar will also benefit from a single integrated base from which to navigate the extensive mutual fund offering and easily compare them based on performance, risk metrics or ESG scoring. Lastly, they will also have access to a live information financial markets portal, regulatory and legal documentation hub, as well as an insights space with the latest insights from top Fund Houses.

For Länsförsäkringar this is a step further in their digital transformation that will bring efficiencies to its daily operations, benefits that will directly translate to their customers through an improved delivery and a competitive range of products and investment options.

With this partnership, Allfunds reinforces its position as the leading fund distribution platform in the Nordics region with assets under administration in excess of €70bn and contracts with 48 distributors. Since the acquisition of NFM in 2019, assets under administration have grown significantly from €14bn, as well as, contracts with distributors which were previously 20. This comes as a result of Allfunds’ commitment to the region and its ability to become a trusted partner to major local financial institutions.


Mattias Hammarqvist, Head of Sweden Allfunds, said: “We are delighted that LF Fondliv has chosen Allfunds as its partner platform for fund management and are eager to deliver our top solutions and prove why we are a global leader while maintain our local commitment to our partners by offering superior on the ground, local service.”

Fredrik Källström, head of Pension Investment Offer, of Länsförsäkringar Fondliv, added: “We always have the customers' needs in focus. We believe Allfunds shares our commitment to quality, service delivery and customer service, all things we pride ourselves upon. As a cooperative trust is a key component of our business relationships and having Allfunds supporting us with their wide network but also local proximity was instrumental to our decision to partner with them.”

Apr 19, 2023