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We focus on providing solutions that will simplify your experience and remove any barriers so you can focus on your business.

  • All your distribution needs in one single access point

  • The only truly global fund platform with the largest network

  • Data, analytics and accurate fund and ETF information via Connect

  • Full transparency of AUM, flows and clients

  • Comply with all regulations and client checks

Allfunds Connect

Drive revenues up with Allfunds Connect

Fund houses using Allfunds Connect can focus on expansion and growing revenue

  • Get market insights and follow trends

  • Identify opportunities and new clients

  • Improve efficiency as you eliminate administrative burdens while managing your fund information through a centralised digital environment

  • Make sure your distributors remain up to date as you monitor and update your funds with changes and documentation

Connect is a set of intuitive tools serving as an access point to distribute your funds

  • Connect Integrated Dashboard

    A web-based application that allows you to manage, in a centralised and convenient way, your relationship with Allfunds

  • Telemetrics

    Advanced Reporting

    Get full transparency of all the information of your Allfunds universe in a user-friendly and intuitive reporting tool

    Market Intelligence

    Discover what the market is doing by navigating through the Allfunds universe

  • Fund tools

    Search, compare and select from a universe of more than 200,000 funds utilising a powerful screener, watchlists and comparison tools, achieved with an intuitive user experience

  • Nextportfolio

    A powerful and intuitive suite of tools designed for wealth and asset managers to build, manage, track and optimise portfolios

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  • To help you scale up your business and reach your company’s goals

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