Funds Analysis & Research

Leverage on our experts to take the most appropriate investment decisions

Our analysis & research team, with experience in all asset classes will provide you with the accurate insight, qualitative and quantitative information.

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Global Insight List

Our team of fund research analysts elaborate on an ongoing basis a shortlist of 350 funds.
Leverage on our team of experts to select the best-in-class funds per asset class.

A shortlist by experts

Only the best of breed funds are picked for the Global Insight List. This shortlist is crafted by our fund research analysts based on the potential of each fund to deliver excess return and/or risk-adjusted return over time in a consistent manner, through “skill” and not only “luck”.

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How do we select funds?

When you select a fund from the Global Insight List, you can be sure it went through a thorough investment process.
Our selection is based on three steps.

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Quantitative Screening

We create well-defined peer groups and screen the underlying funds across varying investment horizons to identify investment opportunities that are assessed through key risk and return metrics.


Qualitative Analysis

We perform an analysis by covering multiple aspects including:
Fund manager track record
Only superior track records across different market environments are selected.

On-site interviews
We frequently meet with portfolio managers and decision makers to get a deep understanding of the investment decision process.


Approval Process

On a monthly basis, our fund research analysts reconvene at the Investment Committee to approve the inclusion and exclusion of the selected funds.

Get detailed information about each of the
Global Insight List Funds

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Fund Classification & Rating

Each of the 350 funds belongs to a peer group that include homogeneous funds with similar investment strategies and objectives. Our analysts specify their level of conviction through the following Allfunds status:

  • High Conviction
  • Second Option
  • Watch List

Monthly Fund Updates

When you subscribe to our Global Insight List, you will get an update every month when our Investment Committee occurs If our views on one fund change, you will be the first to know.


3 Types of factsheets

For each fund, you will have 3 types of factsheets:

  • Qualitative Analysis Factsheets
  • Risk Analysis Factsheets
  • Peer Group Factsheets