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Take advantage of our first-class tools to work efficiently with a universe of more than 180,000 mutual funds, powerful fund screeners, watchlists and comparisons through a highly intuitive user experience.

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Find, analyse, compare, select & track

Access to the largest fund and ETFs platform in the world, get valuable tools and data from Allfunds and third parties.



Multi-criteria screener that allows you to quickly search funds and select the best option.



Track your favourite funds and monitor them at a glance.


Fund comparison

Compare the features of a list of funds in an easy way.

Corporate actions

Enrich and automate your Corporate Actions alerts

Subscribe to a unique corporate actions file, which structures all events and URLs at ISIN level, making it easy to read and automate. It boosts your efficiency by removing the cumbersome process of manually combining separate e-mails, and lets you focus on a single, daily standardised file.

Our Corporate Actions alerts service allows you to disseminate crucial information to your clients securely and efficiently. This ultimately creates more value for them and helps you stay compliant with regulation.

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Easy to read and automate

All events and URLs structured at ISIN level

Available in STP proprietary formats

SWIFT, email, API and web