Fund Tools

Excellent digital solutions for professionals

Access a universe of more than 200,000 mutual funds with first-class tools such as our powerful screener, watchlist and comparison tools.

Compare, analyse, select and track

Our classification system ensures you can perform critical in-depth analysis, make more meaningful comparisons between mutual funds and ETFs, and select the right combination for your needs. Instantly navigate and compare geographical and currency exposure, asset allocation, ratings and sector distribution, top holdings and ESG scoring.

  • Screener

    Multi-criteria screener that allows you to quickly search funds and select the best option

  • Fund comparison

    Compare the features of a list of funds in an easy way

  • Watchlist

    Track your favourite funds and monitor them at a glance

  • ESG

    Analyze ESG scoring and risk ratings and filter by SFDR articles

ESG fund solutions & data

Allfunds ESG expertise makes available value-added solutions and tools based on the regulatory EET, catering to regulatory requirements for entities and delivering a better service to the end investors.

  • ESG advanced filters

  • ESG summary

  • Comparison report with the most relevant ESG information

  • Enhanced fund reporting with ESG insights

  • ESG data set to be integrated in your system