Cookies Policy

ALLFUNDS BANK S.A.U.’s platform, (hereinafter "ALLFUNDS") is an electronic platform with a private web high security and with restricted access to institutional clients only by using the appropriate security keys.

ALLFUNDS both its web page and private web uses Cookies, either proprietary or partner companies, in order to improve and optimise the client or user’s experience.

By accessing the ALLFUNDS’ website, via the corresponding security keys, we understand that you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with the provisions of this ALLFUNDS’ Cookie Policy.

Definition of Cookies

Allfunds Bank, S.A. has branches in London (United Kingdom), Milan (Italy) and Singapore, which are duly registered in the corresponding Commercial Authorities.

ALLFUNDS uses cookies primarily for the following purposes:

To temporarily store information on the Client/User’s preferences and Security elements in connection with the control over the access to restricted areas.

As a result, the main objective by ALLFUNDS regarding the use of cookies is to improve the access to the service and client/user satisfaction every time they use ALLFUNDS’ web services. In other words, the use of cookies is intended to optimize the information and services offered to the client/user.

Types of cookies used by ALLFUNDS

Cookies used by ALLFUNDS are:

Server​: This cookie is used by web servers to maintain the session of a client/user and therefore to control the access and browsing while the client/use is connected and has not expired its downtime. The cookies will not be deactivated when the client/user logs off.

· Language: Stores the Client/user’s browsing language in order to remember the client/user’s language whenever it accesses the web page without having to reselect the language.

· Service: Stores the service that has been logged to prevent you jump to another application within ALLFUNDS.

Setting Cookies

In accordance with current regulations, ALLFUNDS requests your permission to manage the use of cookies. If you continue browsing the ALLFUNDS’ website, without explicitly rejecting the use of cookies, we deem that you consent to the use of cookies. The client/user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser program, although disabling them may prevent the proper functioning of the website.

Review Policy Cookies

ALLFUNDS conducts a review of this Cookies Policy on an annual basis. However, if there is any circumstance that would require an earlier review within that period, ALLFUNDS will do so accordingly.