Access the most complete and reliable fund information and management tools

Fund and portfolio tools perfectly designed for asset managers
and financial advisors.

A unified ecosystem to save time, ensure quality, and carry on your fund activity

  • Find, analyse, compare, select and monitor from a universe of more than 200,000 mutual funds

  • Save time with up-to-date centralised regulatory information, covering all your compliance needs

  • Single access point for peers to attain consistent data and improve communication

  • Stunning, customisable, regulations compliant reports, at the touch of a button


The most comprehensive and reliable fund information and data, gathered by Allfunds

Ensure quality and standarised information

  • Search, monitor, and analyse funds in a standardised format for ease of comparison.

  • Fund factsheets updated daily with information managed by Allfunds (performance, risk analysis, holdings and more).

  • The fund factsheets and comparison reports are MiFID II and PRIPRs compliant, and ready to distibute to your clients.

Track your fund activity

  • Build watchlists and monitor anytime, anywhere.

  • Discover the most popular funds, and which have the highest flows.

  • Create alerts for your favourite funds and portfolios and never miss significant events.

Achieve efficient portfolio management

  • Create model and client portfolios and follow the evolution with interactive data analytics on asset allocation, risk, and performance.

  • Generate clear and engaging reports with stunning graphics to visualize sophisticated measures of performance, risk and portfolio allocation.

  • Produce financial simulations to show your clients how their portfolios will help them to reach their goals.

Reporting Tools

Raise your portfolio management and reporting capabilities

Customise reports with your own brand, image and style, and comply with the regulations. Exceed advisors' and clients' expectations with a full suite of stunning reports.

  • Client & Model Portfolios

  • Financial Planning

  • Funds Factsheet

  • Fund Comparison

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Allfunds Connect App

The world's most complete funds app

  • Save time

    All the information you need of over 200,000 funds and ETFs.

  • Take control

    Monitor your fund portfolios with interactive and visual analytics.

  • React

    Set up significant alerts and watchlist on your favourite funds.


Allfunds Connect is available at a flat price, independent of the number of users

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