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La Française chooses Allfunds Blockchain to streamline the international distribution of its funds

Sep 26, 2023


La Française and Allfunds Blockchain have entered into a partnership in view of using blockchain technology to gain operational efficiency and reduce costs associated with the international distribution of Funds to professional investors. La Française will join the Allfunds Blockchain network and run its own blockchain node allowing it to directly receive and process orders for its Funds (subject to local fund registration).

Allfunds Blockchain enables streamlined order routing and provides real-time viewing of all related processes to its participants, increasing transparency, efficiency and reducing costs of distribution for asset managers. In addition and once operational (target date: 1 semester 2024), this new setup will allow La Française’s professional investor client base to benefit from more accurate cut-off times and improved reporting.

With a clear initial focus on international distribution, La Française and Allfunds Blockchain are planning to leverage further on blockchain technology. They will explore options, using the same approach, based on concrete and scalable “use cases” with a demonstrable ROI, combined with a strategic view of how the Allfunds Blockchain value proposal can open the door to new applications in the finance industry and new distribution models around tokenization.

Thierry Gortzounian, Managing Director of La Française AM Finance Services, said: “The cooperation between Allfunds Blockchain and La Française will allow us to continue to improve the array of services that we provide to our clients, namely by processing their orders more efficiently in a simplified yet secure framework. The blockchain platform deployed by Allfunds Blockchain will facilitate access to La Française's securities asset management expertise and provide value to professional investors.”

Christophe Descohand, Head of Innovation of La Française AM Finance Services, added: “This partnership marks a first step in La Française’s overarching strategy to associate technology and asset management.  As such, we will be capable of offering improved operational processing at a reduced cost to our clients. We are delighted about the partnership with Allfunds Blockchain and looking forward to being operational.”

Rubén Nieto, Managing Director of Allfunds Blockchain, added: “We are thrilled and deeply honored to embark on this collaboration with an asset manager that has consistently been a pioneer in innovation. This new expression of trust reaffirms our vision for blockchain within the industry: unlocking its potential to streamline existing inefficient processes and using these initial strides as a springboard to expand its adoption.”

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