Allfunds Sweden Nordic Fund Market

Allfunds Sweden is the leading a digital platform in the region. Our goal is to effectively and efficently facilitate the fund distribution process.

Nordic Fund Market joins Allfunds Group

In 2019 Nordic Fund Market was acquired by Allfunds. With the deal Allfunds became a key fund distribution partner in the Nordics with significant business volume in the region. Allfunds continues to be a leader in the region with significant client agreements and continued growth prospects.

The operation strengthens Allfunds' global leadership position in the investment fund sector and wealthtech industry.

Please review our outstanding Product and Service Suite, available through the Allfunds platform.

Efficient and simple mutual fund order routing, execution and settlement

Allfunds Sweden Nordic Fund Market is a digital platform that enables distributors access to third party funds. Under an efficient automated setup, fund distributors can boost their fund order routing, execution and settlements using a single and efficient interface.

Boost your fund distribution business

Fund distributors can also benefit from the largest fund universe in the market, with leading local and international fund companies and more than 90,000 funds under distribution agreements, multiplying by 10 the former investment options at Nasdaq NFM. Allfunds Sweden NFM also providers a full-compliant fund distribution framework, including fund data, negotiated distribution agreements and full-cycle trailer fee management.

Members of Allfunds Sweden NFM platform include regulated retail Banks, Insurance companies, Wealth managers and Robo-advisors in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Allfunds Sweden Nordic Fund Market Services for Fund Companies

Fund Companies can leverage on Allfunds Sweden NFM to optimise their operational setup and enlarge their distribution reach through a single connection. Efficiency is achieved through straight through processing and economies of scale related to distribution related-services. Distribution reach is multiplied as Allfunds Sweden NFM represents the largest distribution network in Europe, the fastest growing B2B platform in the Nordics, allowing fund providers to focus on portfolio management and sales activity, leveraging on Allfunds’ efficient ecosystem.

Nordic Fund Market joins Allfunds Group

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