Choose the license that suits your company

Access the most compelling digital ecosytem for fund analysis, selection and trading. Discover the best tools to manage, monitor and report on your model and client portfolio.

Connect Licence

Search, compare, select and buy funds. Access data and market analytics. Build model and clients portfolios.

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Search, track and compare data of over 180,000 funds.

Build and manage your model and client portfolios.

Trade funds online and access all operational information.

Connect Premium Licence

Enhance your Connect experience with customised reports, alerts, and portfolio optimisation.

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Generate customised fund and portfolio reports with compelling information.

Set personalised fund and portfolio alerts.

Calculate the optimal risk-adjusted portfolio with our optimisation tool.

Connect Enterprise

A bespoke solution fully integrated with your company's systems.

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Integrate execution within multi-asset portfolios.

Incorporate Discretionary Portfolio Management.

Client and portfolio onboarding for B2C.

What you get with all licences


Build and manage your model and client portfolios

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Digital Selector

Benefit from our team of experts to make appropriate investment decisions

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Online Dealing System

Secure transactions through an integrated platform

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