Digital Selector

Trova i fondi che soddisfano i tuoi criteri d'investimento

Accedi a un universo con i fondi più rilevanti e più richiesti del mercato. Con Digital Selector scegli tra un insieme di caratteristiche qualitative e quantitative che corrispondono a tuoi criteri. In pochi secondi, genera una short-list dei fondi più adeguati alle tue esigenze.

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Selector Screener

Find the funds that best meet your investment criteria

Generate a shortlist of the funds that are most relevant to you within seconds, using a unique set of qualitative and quantitative fields and characteristics that fit your clients' needs.

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Research to enhance your efficiency

A selected universe of the best quality funds. Build your own shortlist based on a wide range of criteria including size, performance, flows, and investment trends.

Compare your selected funds with Allfunds' proprietary information

Identify the funds that best match your criteria with a unique set of +200 data points.

Intuitive and systematic screener

Run searches that provide you with detailed and standardised data - save your searches for quick access

Global Insight List

Benefit from our team of experts to make appropriate investment decisions

Our analysis and research team provide you with the 300 of the best breeds of funds with insightful, qualitative and quantitative information across all asset classes.

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A unique shortlist of top funds

Through thorough research, our experienced team selects the funds with the potential to deliver consistent outperformance and/or risk-adjusted returns over time.

Meticulous quantitative and qualitative analysis

Screening of the funds to identify opportunities using key risk and returns metrics. On-site interviews with portfolio managers to understand the investment decision process; Investment Committee to approve the inclusion or exclusion of funds.

Get all the information you need about the selected funds

Access Connect to see the fund classification in their peer group and level of conviction from our analysts and specific factsheets with detailed information. Receive monthly updates about our research team's views on the Global Insight List funds

Governance Unfolded

Easy to read and understand analysis of the fund house’s capabilities and structure

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