1. Una plataforma, múltiples oportunidades de gran rentabilidad

    A través de nuestra plataforma podrás elegir y acceder de forma eficaz a más de 90.000 fondos en un mismo entorno digital intuitivo.

      • Número de Gestoras

        Más de 1,700

      • Número de fondos

        Cerca de 90,000

    • Evolución de distribuidores

      2017 2018 2019 2020 592 628 663 700
    • Activos bajo administración

      Alrededor de



    • Crecimiento de activos

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Join Allfunds and boost your fund business and multiply your investment opportunities


Our digital ecosystem

A single access to data and insights, powerful fund tools such as screener, comparison, watchlist, and our suite of solutions for building and managing model and client portfolios.

Everything combined with an efficient and secure dealing system.

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Dealing, Custody and Administration Services

Allfunds builds upon its expertise to provide institutional customers convenient, accurate, secure and up-to-date administrative services, tailored to their specific needs.

Efficient dealing, multiple daily confirmation of flows and reports minimising cost and reducing operational risk. Integrated multichannel and complimentary connectivity protocol.

Allfunds Connect ecosystem

Access point to over 180,000 mutual funds and ETFs, with first class digital tools such as Nextportfolio, Telemetrics, and Digital Selector.

Connect also provide regulatory solutions, research, and data analytics where users can compare funds, create a watchlist, search and select from the universe of 180,000 funds, create client and model portfolios, generate fund factsheets and much more!

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