Social Responsibility

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  • 01 Human talent management

    We seek personal and professional success

    We develop processes designed to attract, manage, develop and motivate employees. Our primary objective is to support the professional development of all of our employees.

  • 02 Assistance to child protection and development

    The Allfunds Solidarity Fund contributes to societal development

    We help with the financing of assistance projects in the countries in which Allfunds is present and in many developing countries.

  • 03 Digitalisation

    We believe in a transparent business model

    Thanks to our immersion in technological investments, Allfunds is placing confidence in digitalisation and a wealthtech model, leaving its business footprint and supporting transparency.

  • 04 Governance

    We endeavour to have well-defined principles, criteria, rules and procedures

    This allows us to ensure that Allfunds operates properly in all of its areas and helps us take decisions with maximum rigor and supporting knowledge.

  • 05 Environmental Care

    We work to ensure well-defined principles, criteria, rules and procedures

    We implement measures that fortify the prevention and reduction of the environmental impact of Allfunds’ business.


What is it about?

The Allfunds Charity Fund is a channel which provides assistance to the development and training of the underprivileged through donations. It Is based on the principle of good faith, to be applied rigorously, in all global aid projects using voluntary donations from employees and from the Company itself.

The Allfunds Charity Fund's functional goal is to contribute to social development and carry out social projects that benefit people. It makes firm commitments to help the development of the local communities in which Allfunds conducts its business as well as in other places in need of assistance.


Project Selection

Allfunds will follow the guidelines and criteria below.

· A Committee has been set up to ensure objective project selection based on consensus

· The selection of global projects will consider security criteria, performing an in-depth analysis of each project submitted

· Operations that do not respond to community or aid work will be avoided

· The Allfunds Charity Fund committee will present an annual report detailing the projects financed in the year and the amounts donated

Latest Campaigns

Allfunds BACK TO SCHOOL campaign will be organized through our charity platform


We raised more than €260,000 euros to feed families in dire need!

Allfunds Solidarity Fund Challenge: COVID-19.

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Allfunds Singapore, Allfunds Hong Kong and CSR celebrate Chinese New year making a donation through Fundación Sauce.

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