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Allfunds unlocks the power of data for asset managers

Jul 2, 2024

Today Allfunds unveils a new range of innovative widgets (micro-applications), a new milestone in its delivery of the most advanced tools in the WealthTech space. Through the seamless integration of browsing data from a user base which includes professional investors from over 800 financial institutions, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, these widgets provide unparalleled insight into market trends and investor behavior. This empowers asset managers to make more informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition in today's dynamic investment landscape, who can expect:

  • A snapshot of the most relevant data, including most-visited funds, popular asset classes, and frequent comparisons broken down by geographical region, by entity, etc., information that was previously unavailable.

  • A ranking list of ESG funds rated best by MainStreet Partners, simplifying the process of making sustainable investment choices.

This rollout is just one of the new updates that Allfunds is developing for its digital ecosystem, Allfunds Connect, to expand its offering beyond fund distribution, consolidating as a provider of integrated services for the entire asset management value chain.

These widgets strengthen Allfunds’ position on data analysis and complement the tools of Allfunds Data Analytics, the area that specializes in market intelligence and asset and cash flow analysis, based on a universe of over 3.3 trillion euros. The combination of different services improves result accuracy and makes it possible to forecast user needs by providing the right information at the right time.

By adding these widgets and other popular utilities such as Fund Insights, a section with financial news, opinion articles, and the strategic vision of the world’s leading fund managers, Allfunds Connect is becoming the perfect control center for all investment professionals, who can customise its appearance and choose they information they want to see.

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