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Allfunds unveils the Private Partners programme

Jul 18, 2023


Madrid, 18 July 2023 – Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), the leading B2B WealthTech platform for the funds industry, is pleased to announce the launch of the Allfunds Private Partners (APP) programme.

Earlier this year Allfunds announced that it had launched a specialised team and department, Allfunds Alternative Solutions, (AAS), focused on providing solutions to make alternative funds more accessible to distributors. This initiative was triggered by the increasing demand from distributors globally, particularly from the wealth management segment, to invest in private assets. The AAS team has been developing the technology that will streamline the operational aspects of private asset investments, making access to alternative funds as simple as that of conventional funds.

In addition to its innovative technological roadmap, Allfunds is proud to unveil the Allfunds Private Partners (APP) programme. This initiative is launched to better support the access to private market funds by its clients and to provide fund managers with a unique opportunity to make their products available to Allfunds distribution network.

This programme is open to a select number of partners with the expertise and drive to create leading, sophisticated products tailored for private banks and wealth managers. Today Allfunds is delighted to announce that some prominent alternative asset management and financial services firms, including Apollo, Blackstone, Carlyle, Franklin Templeton, and Morgan Stanley Investment Management, have joined as the first participants of this programme.

Allfunds and the members of the APP programme are committed to delivering market-leading products underpinned by simplicity and ease of access, to enable clients to invest in private market funds without traditional barriers.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO of Allfunds, adds: “We are excited about this project and unlocking the full potential of APP, and believe that this form of collaboration with our partners is key in developing solid relationships and effective solutions. We are eager to prove our disposition and put our expertise to work for this ambitious project that will surely bring new business opportunities for all those involved. We would also like to thank our initial members for joining us in this enterprise, as well as for their continued trust and support in Allfunds.

Borja Largo, Chief Fund Groups Officer and Head of Allfunds Alternative Solutions states, “Allfunds has a deep commitment to quality and client care and the Private Partners programme is a natural evolution of that purpose. We want to set our clients up for success and our team will be dedicated to ensuring their needs are met with utmost care and attention to detail. Allfunds’ initiatives, whether building a totally new department or an innovative partnership programme, are just the natural evolution of Allfunds’ ability to navigate disrupted and fragmented markets, with the goal of providing easy access to alternative products, that have historically never been available to distributors.

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Veronique Fournier, Managing Director and Head of EMEA Global Wealth at Apollo, said, “We believe private market strategies are critical to a diversified portfolio that seeks to meet the long-term investment objectives of individuals and families. Apollo is pleased to be a founding participant of Allfunds Private Partners, a pioneering programme supporting seamless access and education, as we continue to develop and deliver semi-liquid products purpose-designed for global wealth investors.”

Rashmi Madan, Senior Managing Director and Head of Blackstone Private Wealth Solutions, EMEA said: “As the largest alternative asset manager globally, Blackstone is delighted to have joined the Allfunds Private Partners programme. This will allow us to deliver institutional quality private markets investments to Allfunds’ vast network of distribution partners globally. Working with innovative platforms like Allfunds is core to Blackstone’s strategy to make private market investing more accessible to individual investors. We look forward to working with the entire Allfunds team to continue educating clients on the benefits of including private markets as part of their diversified portfolios.”

Paul Ferraro, Global Head of Carlyle Private Wealth said:We are delighted to continue our partnership with Allfunds, which extends Carlyle’s vast experience and long-standing reputation for investment excellence to this exciting marketplace. In partnering with Allfunds’ high-quality platform, we will focus on achieving our shared goal of enabling a broader range of banks, wealth managers and their clients access to private market strategies.” 

Adam Spector, EVP, Global Advisory Services at Franklin Templeton said: “We are delighted to join a select group of alternative investment managers on Allfunds’ newly-launched Private Partners programme. Franklin Templeton brings a wealth of capabilities as one of the world’s largest alternatives providers with over $257 billion in AUM across private markets.  We look forward to a successful partnership with Allfunds and its impressive network of banks and wealth management platforms globally.”

Jacques Chappuis, Global Head of Distribution and Co-Head of the Solutions and Multi-Asset Group at Morgan Stanley Investment Management said: “Morgan Stanley Investment Management has been offering private market funds to US individual investors for over 35 years. In that time, we have expanded our product and service offering to institutional clients across the globe. With the continued and growing demand for private markets products, in partnership with Allfunds, we are excited to bring our broad suite of capabilities to individuals globally.”

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