The way to lead change

A dedicated software company focused on developing solutions not only for Allfunds and its clients, but for the entire funds industry.

Allfunds Blockchain has built a holistic and trailblazing blockchain platform to technologically transform the investment fund landscape.

Why Allfunds Blockchain

A blockchain environment ready to test

Allfunds Business Smart Contracts solution: blockchain technology for fund distribution activities that offers the capacity to understand the best adaptation strategy and use of the blockchain technology in the value chain

Allfunds Blockchain is collaborating with global industry players in a blockchain & digital ecosystem to be fully prepared for a non-paperdriven industry with a new set of digital tools

  • A business platform ready to prove savings

    An opportunity to prove savings in a blockchain ecosystem to understand the best adaptation strategy in a constantly changing environment

  • A way to be part of a new value chain

    It’s crucial to understand in every industry how the technology and its adoption can drastically reduce current core dealing activities in the value chain

  • A technical solution ready for an enterprise ecosystem

    Special privacy and anonymity capabilities for data governance concerns in the blockchain ecosystems

  • Minimise disruptions

    Avoid long and expensive integration periods when using our fully integrated tools

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