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Dans le cadre d’un accord unique, Allfunds permet aux gérants de fonds d’accéder à un vaste réseau d’institutions, ainsi qu’à des outils numériques sophistiqués permettant d’intensifier leurs efforts de distribution.

Nous nous attachons à fournir des solutions simplifiant votre expérience et éliminant les obstacles, ce qui vous permet de vous concentrer sur votre activité.

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Plus de 850 distributeurs réunis dans un même lieu et dans le cadre d’un contrat unique. 17 bureaux locaux offrant un accès et prêtant main-forte au plus grand réseau de distribution.


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Reduce risk, internal cost and administrative burden with regulatory tools, direct onboarding, and registration channels.


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Nos outils axés sur les données repèrent des modèles pour vous aider à développer des informations exploitables qui pourront faciliter la prise de décisions commerciales et vous donneront un véritable avantage compétitif.

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Un centre unique pour gérer toutes vos tâches administratives, un affichage clair des flux d'actifs sous gestion et des informations sur le marché, des outils et des modèles ESG et, bien sûr, des informations détaillées sur plus de 200 000 fonds et ETF, y compris les fonds alternatifs.

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Allfunds Drives AI Innovation and Infrastructure Optimization with Google Cloud

Madrid / London, 23 April 2024 – Allfunds, one of the leading B2B WealthTech platforms for the fund industry, today announced a partnership with Google Cloud to enhance its capabilities through cloud computing, advanced data and analytics and artificial intelligence.

The partnership aims to deliver transformational solutions for Allfunds' extensive network of Distributors and Fund Houses, providing enhanced capabilities, strengthened security and cutting-edge tools to address the complex challenges of fund distribution and it will focus on two key areas:

Drive data and AI innovation that will allow Allfunds to create new financial information products, fostering new growth opportunities.

Develop a secure, scalable, sustainable technological architecture to aid Allfunds' operational growth and migration to cloud services.


The partnership will enhance all end clients’ access to advanced data analytics tools, and in addition, complement Allfunds Data and Analytics present offering, providing a more robust technological architecture. Fund houses will have the ability to gain deeper insights into investor behavior, market trends, and risk profiles, enabling more informed decision-making for product development, portfolio optimization, and distribution strategies. Simultaneously, distributors will benefit from faster access to critical data, streamlined operations, and greater scalability, made possible by the infrastructure and technological architecture optimization powered by Google Cloud.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO and Founder of Allfunds stated, "At Allfunds we always strive to be at the forefront of innovation, whether by developing solutions in-house with our own talented team or by partnering with leading experts in their field, such as in this strategic partnership with Google Cloud. True to our WealthTech DNA, we remain committed to delivering the best tools and technology for our clients and continuing to support them on their journey of growth and success.”

Tara Brady, President, Google Cloud for Europe, Middle East and Africa added “There is a significant opportunity to transform the financial services industry with cloud and AI technologies. Our partnership with Allfunds will help power its innovation journey with Google Cloud's AI technologies and our secure and scalable infrastructure. Our collaborative efforts will empower Allfunds' clients with the tools and insights they need to make better-informed decisions and drive growth.”

23 avr. 2024

Allfunds selected by Banca Aletti, Banco BPM Group, to facilitate clients’ access to private markets

Milan, 20 December 2023 – Allfunds (AMS:ALLFG), the leading B2B WealthTech platform for the fund management industry, today announces it has been selected by Banca Aletti, private bank and investment center of Banco BPM Group, to facilitate its clients' access to alternative funds. This is in line with keeping with the private banking industry's increasing focus on private markets.

In particular, Banca Aletti will adopt the technology provided by Allfunds Alternative Solutions (AAS) to facilitate the distribution of closed-end, semi-liquid and ELTIF funds. Through Allfunds' technology, in fact, the operational aspects of investing in private assets are simplified, and access to alternative funds is made as quick and immediate as access to conventional funds.

Stefano Catanzaro, Country Head Italy of Allfunds said, "Being selected by Banca Aletti is a further confirmation of our positioning in the Italian market. We are among the leaders in mutual fund distribution and now we aim to consolidate our position also in private markets. Our goal is to break down the barriers to investing in private markets funds through technological and process developments that simplify distribution by private banks and wealth managers."

Alessandro Varaldo, CEO of Banca Aletti, adds “Extra returns, greater diversification, more efficient portfolios consistent with the current market environment. These are the plus of an allocation in private markets that must, however, also take into account the illiquidity of solutions, the high complexity of analysis and the lower transparency compared to the world of listed investments. This scenario explains why Banca Aletti has chosen a selective approach in making instruments that invest in private markets available to its clients. Only a small number of solutions characterized by speed in the deployment and return of capital, excellence in the track record of the investment team, leadership of the selected partner on the asset class being invested in, high commission competitiveness and, finally, efficiency from an operational and administrative point of view. On this last point, which is far from being of secondary importance, Banca Aletti has identified Allfunds as a strategic partner.”


20 déc. 2023

Allfunds Tech Solutions and Ardan International Extend Collaboration to Enhance Investment Platform

Madrid / London, 18 December 2023 – Allfunds Tech Solutions, the bespoke digital solutions arm of Allfunds, and Ardan International, a rapidly growing wealth platform designed for international advisers and their clients, have announced an extension of their collaboration to further enhance the capabilities of Ardan's investment platform.


As part of the agreement, Allfunds Tech Solutions has developed a cutting-edge multi-asset research center exclusively for Ardan's advisors, an evolution of Allfunds integrated ecosystem, Allfunds Connect. This state-of-the-art tool enables users to compare funds and access an equity research center that draws information from external market data vendors. With advanced features, advisors can now easily monitor a vast selection of over 190,000 mutual funds and ETFs, simplifying decision-making in portfolio management.


Ardan International has been a valued and long-standing client of Allfunds, benefiting from the comprehensive range of services available as a one-stop shop for wealth professionals. The recently enhanced research centre illustrates Allfunds’ role as a strategic partner, capable of adapting and offering customized solutions to cater to the unique requirements of its clients.


Sarah Dunnage, CEO of Ardan International, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, "Allfunds Connect is a great tool for the advisers who use our platform to search, analyze, and compare mutual funds and ETFs. It simplifies and expedites the process of making the right investment choices for advisers and their clients."


Juan de Palacios, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of Allfunds, added, "We are thrilled to further strengthen our partnership with Ardan International. The enhanced research and comparison capabilities will provide their advisors with unmatched insights and enable them to deliver even greater value to their clients."

18 déc. 2023

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