Allfunds joins the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

The wealthtech Allfunds adheres to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a United Nations initiative to foster the development of a more sustainable global financial system.

This milestone is a further step in the company's corporate social responsibility policy and a reinforcement of its social and environmental commitment in the performance of its activity. With this voluntary adhesion, the wealthtech incorporates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues into the company's investment services.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO and founder of Allfunds, said, "We are conscious that a company's mission goes beyond its profits. The way in which we achieve our objectives is just as important as the objectives themselves. At Allfunds we work every day to improve all the communities in which we operate".

The Principles for Responsible Investment is a United Nations initiative together with the investment industry to promote responsible investment. The aim of these principles is to develop a more sustainable global financial system.

Allfunds not only provides customized ESG fund research, but also offers access to the in-house developed fund selection tool “Digital Selector”, that contains ESG related data with which investors can select investment products according to their sustainability requirements.

Additionally, Allfunds has partnered with Clarity AI, a company committed to providing comprehensive technology solutions to understand and optimize social and environmental impact, leveraging advanced science, machine learning and other latest technologies.

With this agreement, Allfunds clients will be able to access Clarity AI portfolio and holdings-based information through the Connect platform and benefit from the most comprehensive analysis on ESG, sustainability and impact - which will be seamlessly integrated within their existing processes.

Through these initiatives Allfunds aims to become the leading European B2B sub-advisory platform starting with multiple funds of mandates in January 2021. This offering will include several dedicated ESG, sustainability and impact strategies.

Committed to Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment to CSR is in the DNA of the wealthtech. This adherence to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment follows the announcement, last July, of its joining the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Likewise, the company has set out five lines of work to help improve all the societies in which it operates, as well as many other places that are in need.

In 2015, Allfunds decided to create the Allfunds Solidarity Fund. The vehicle's primary objective is to carry out social works for the benefit of citizens, especially minors, through donations channeled through the fund itself, collected in actions, campaigns, and events organized by Allfunds. The latest challenge of the fund, promoted in May, raised more than 265,000 euros to feed more than 600 Spanish families and promoted adequate nutrition for more than 12,000 children in poverty in Italy.

In addition, this commitment has reinforced Allfunds' Good Corporate Governance with the creation of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, where strategy is decided, and decisions related to the company's CSR policy are made.

Human capital also occupies a central place in the company's strategy. Therefore, Allfunds has adopted a series of policies aimed at attracting and retaining talent, as well as fostering motivating working environments that contribute to the professional development of employees.

Likewise, through the Allfunds Environmental program, the wealthtech fights against climate change by identifying the threats that put the stability of the planet at risk and offering environmental solutions. Similarly, the company continues to digitize its processes with the aim of making sustainable and controlled use of resources, as well as leaving a mark on its activity.

Katherine Sloan
Global Head of Corporate Communications
Tel: +34 91 274 64 00