Wherever you are, Allfunds keeps connected to you

Allfunds continues to monitor the situation regarding coronavirus and we remain prepared to deliver all business activity. We are vigilant in our efforts to keep all employees, clients and providers safe and informed of all possible scenarios.  The following measures are in place to ensure business continuity and to avoid any disruption to daily business activity.

Remote working

Based on guidance from several health authorities and governments around the globe,  we have begun a remote work policy for nearly 100% of staff.  This was already anticipated in mid-February based on global events, at which point we began testing and training our teams to ensure we remained ready to  deliver our services uninterrupted. For those critical functions, including but not limited to IT, Operations, Dealing, Banking, and FX services we have a rotation of coverage in place to deliver services as normal. 

Our employees are available for remote meetings or calls should you need speak with a member of our team and of course, via email as well.  We will continue to assess all the needs regarding premises, people and systems to respond properly to any event.

Operational Hubs

Allfunds has operational hubs around the world and we are in a fortunate position to be able to leverage resources and technology in all our offices. 

Should we face a situation where we have a failure in one location, we are able to be operationally functional from another location within 24 hours.  Our main hubs are located in Madrid, Milan, London, Luxembourg and Singapore. 

Connect Platform

In order to secure clients operations in addition to the standard processes in place we have reinforced our web platform “Connect” offering more powerful digital solutions available to fund houses and distributors to help facilitate regular business functions. 

Our Connect platform is home to all the tools you need to continue business as usual from any location and as a back operational solution in case your systems are not working.

Allfunds is well prepared for these matters, and we regularly test and enhance our continuity plan for occasions such as this. We will continue to deliver our services as usual during these extraordinary times.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak with your Allfunds representative or a member of Human Resources at  hrafb@allfunds.com.