Verbal Identity

Verbal Identity, our story to the world.
The way we express and show who we are, through what we say and how we say it.

Tone of voice

The way we talk allows us to transmit our personality: who we are and how we are. It determines how our audiences will perceive us.

How do we speak?

  • · We are close to our audiences and we reinforce the importance of that, using words such as ‘together’ and ‘we’.
  • · We create value for our clients so we offer the solutions to what they need, using structures like “Your (client’s wish or need), we (what we provide)”.
  • · We have a transforming spirit, so we continuously move and show it through our way of speaking; we create rhythm with dynamic structures: comparatives (“the simpler, the better”), short messages, -ing verbs...
  • · We are experts and so are our audiences, so we use technical words and own expressions from our market.


Our storytelling gives a voice to who we are, where we come from and where we are going, so that everybody knows, feels and can identify with our reason for being.

It is the master story we must take as the starting point to develop any communication message we send out from Allfunds, both internally and externally.


We live in a world of constant change.A world that, day after day, increasingly moves forward faster than ever before. The regulatory environment is changing in favour of greater transparency; the market is changing, and competitors are changing as well, and new players are penetrating the market, offering new and better digital services. In this turbulent environment, we must be able to adapt and evolve to compete and to remain an industry reference. We must respond to new market expectations, develop new solutions, and acquire new professional skills which will allow us to respond the way we always have.

Because transformation also means ‘commoditization’ in our market, and it is time to reinvent ourselves again, by developing new strengths and keeping the professionalism, the know-how and the human treatment that have made us synonymous with success for more than 20 years.


Because we are your wealthtech partner, the meeting point between good decisions and good investments for all our clients: financial entities and fund houses. Our track record in the global financial industry provides us with the knowledge to understand every need and, in this way, to be able to offer a global, individual and customized service; simplifying, being agile and increasing process efficiency. All of this, under an exclusive business model and with the high-quality service that, together, have always defined us, and that have allowed us to grow and improve day by day, along with our employees.


Today, our unique combination of know-how, dedication, experience and technology, guides, inspires and empowers our clients to face their financial challenges of the future, moving forward in the dynamic and digital world around us. Being excellent, offering our best so that our employees, clients and partners, can count on the best means, the best services, the best technology and the best professionals available. Being accountable, seeking a balance between all our audiences' interests, and empowering our clients to be free to make decisions and choose what they want to do, how and when they want to.


Our aim is to go further; to continue building an efficient, enabling and transformational Allfunds, which evolves along with our clients and offers innovative solutions suited to future needs.

Allfunds, the digital investment partner of the present and the future.