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Face the current market competition with a tailor-made solution from a leading company with cutting-edge financial technology. We simplify your efforts and help you to get access to these services providing an easy to implement platform.

Portfolio management tool

Our advanced and comprehensive portfolio management tool has been designed to manage all figures, data and needs for investors, advisors and clients. Obtain visual analytical data and reports for performance, risk, allocation, simulations and profit & losses sources for your client’s portfolios.


Show your clients detailed analysis and generate customised portfolio reports in a clear and intuitive way. Personalise your PDF reports while they are displayed. Your content and portfolio and your look and feel can be chosen in the settings panel.

Provide your clients with key information of their portfolios such as holdings, asset allocation or performance.

Obtain them on demand or programme a massive generation and keep them up to date as frequently as you want.

Share with your clients the investment strategies you have defined for them. Create reports with historical performance, risk ratios and benchmarking.

Build as many strategies as you want to advance market movements and show them clearly.


From investor profiling to order execution our tool provides a MiFID II compliant solution. Make attractive investment proposals to your clients according to legal requirements.


Review all your clients’ portfolios at a glance, assign them to different strategies and model portfolios globally or client by client and communicate with them through amazing portfolios reports.

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Save time & money through automation

Sophisticated calculations available in different currencies and automatic translations into English, Spanish and Italian.

Flexibility and adaptation to legal requirements

Automatically centralise the suitability, risks and compliance limits of your clients by fulfilling regulatory obligations and documentation.

Tailor made for your business

Personalise your PDF reports in your company brand and configure them in multiple languages, currencies and geographies.

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Avoid long and expensive integration periods thanks to our totally integrated tool. Do not wait, start offering added value services to your clients today.