Online Dealing System

Efficiency is our way

Allfunds allows you to operate with a vast universe of investment funds through a centralized and integrated platform. Our dealing service offers a secure transactional process using a straight through processing (STP), minimizing the risk of operational errors.

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A global fund universe with a single contract

Consult and upload orders and stock transfers, manage cash settlements, review statements of holdings, and access the data related to your transactions.



Instruct trades, view the status of various orders, and access confirmations on your transactions.



Daily rebate calculations and accruals (monthly & quarterly payments).


Statement of holdings

Consult your holdings, account details and fund valuations.


Stock Transfer

Instruct and consult stock transfers, either between two entities or internally between two of your Allfunds accounts.


Cash Management

Consult cash balances and bookings. Instruct cash transfers to internal accounts or another banks.



Manage and get reports of the settlement process of accounts and FX services.

Trade, Manage and Review with Allfunds Online Dealing System

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