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Look & Feel

Design principles

With these graphics we seek to communicate our brand strategy and make the pieces recognizable
These graphics allow for a lot of flexibility and variety but when creating them, you should always respect these simple principles:

  • Use right triangles to convey the ideas of direction, growth, intersection, encounter, focus and objectives.
  • Use one or two circles to complete the message.
  • Don't use red on more than 50% of the surface.
  • Make sure white and blue are always present.
  • Use red and gray to highlight and create contrast.
  • If gray and white are already in the image, they don't need to be used in the graphics.


These examples demonstrate the flexibility of the system and can be used for inspiration when creating new graphics but they are not finished pieces. To be able to work with both solid shapes and with lines allows us to adjust the tone of the identity depending on the application context or the audience.
It is possible to use cropped images.