Allfunds B2B sub-advisory platform to begin operations in May 2021

  • These building-block solutions will help multimanager, fund of funds and portfolio managers to enhance their offering.
  • This supports Allfunds B2B business model of no direct sales to final investors.

Madrid, April 2021 - Allfunds, the leading independent wealthtech and fund distribution platform offering access to over 100,000 funds from over 2,000 fund houses, has announced it will onboard the first iteration of strategies for its B2B sub-advisory platform, following approval from the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF).

Allfunds has designed these strategies with the aim of providing fund of fund managers and discretionary portfolio managers with a different set of building blocks to optimize their portfolios. It will give banks and wealth managers a solution for running their open architecture programs through mandates. True to the Allfunds business model built over the last twenty plus years, this is a B2B solution not available to a final investor offering.

This is another step in Allfunds commitment to continue providing easy and efficient access to open architecture. With the onboarding of the first strategies, ´Allsolutions´ will open its operations during the course of May and the offer will initially consist of twelve mandates covering the primary asset classes and managed by some of the largest fund houses. Seven of these strategies will have an ESG focus. This is consistent with Allfunds commitment to sustainability which includes adhering the Principles for Responsibility Investing, a United Nations initiative to foster the development of a more sustainable global financial system.

Following the initial launch, Allfunds will introduce 18 complementary strategies to the platform in the third quarter of 2021. Of these strategies, a further 14 will also focus strongly on sustainability. Their introduction will bring the total number of available strategies to 30.

The Allsolutions service is part of Allfunds’ broader client offering, aimed at delivering cutting-edge wealthtech solutions to optimise systems, navigate market complexities and access solutions to meet their needs. Through Allsolutions, clients will benefit from a one-stop-shop to access the sub-advisory marketplace, allowing them greater flexibility in implementing such a sophisticated technique.

Juan Alcaraz, CEO of Allfunds, said:

“We are pleased to extend our services, offering clients access to a selection of exclusive mandates expertly managed by some of the world’s largest fund houses. Through Allsolutions, our aim is to continue to evolve the Allfunds infrastructure allowing for efficient access to open architecture whilst sticking to our B2B business model and never selling to end clients.”

About Allfunds:

Founded over 20 years ago, Allfunds has evolved into one of the world’s leading wealthtech and fund distribution companies with a service offering which includes data & analytics, trading & execution services, portfolio & reporting tools, research and regulatory solutions. Additionally, Allfunds offers its technology solution “Connect”, a digital ecosystem to bring together fund houses and distributors.

Today Allfunds has more than €1.3 trillion assets under administration and offers more than 100,000 funds from over 2,000 fund houses. Allfunds has a presence in Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Sweden, France, Hong Kong, Poland and Miami and has agreements with over 1,500 distributors, including major commercial banks, private banks, insurance companies, fund managers, international brokers, and specialist firms from over 62 different countries.

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