Allfunds Charity Fund donated €178,783 in 2019

• This figure almost triples 2018 donations (€66,000) and exceeds by far the €36,000 donated in 2017.

• The Foundations Unoentrecienmil, Madrina and Pequeño Deseo were some of the organisations Allfunds supported last year.

• On 18 April 2020, Allfunds Charity Fund will celebrate the second edition of its Charity Run at the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela race course in Madrid. Last year, 22 companies sponsored this run and they raised €67,995, which was donated to the Foundation Unoentrecienmil.

Allfunds, Europe’s largest fund distribution platform, which leads the wealthtech industry, donated €178,783 in 2019 thanks to its Charity Fund. This figure almost triples the donations made over the previous year (€66,000), and it exceeds by far the €36,000 raised in 2017.

Allfunds is firmly committed to promote the development of the local communities where it operates, as well as in other places in need of assistance. Thus, it created the Allfunds Charity Fund in 2015. The purpose of this fund is to perform social works to help citizens by way of donations raised through the Fund, as well as through actions, campaigns and events carried out by Allfunds.

Likewise, Allfunds encourages its employees to participate through campaigns, and the ability to voluntarily assign part of their wage to the Fund. Allfunds undertakes to duplicate the amount raised after six months.

Allfunds has created a committee to ensure objectivity when making a donation or selecting the projects they will support throughout the year. This body, which examines all the projects proposed in detail, avoids to select operations that do not support charity purposes. By the end of every year, Allfunds prepares an annual report describing the projects that were financed during that year and the sums they raised.

One of the most remarkable activities held by the Charity Fund last year was the 1st Allfunds Charity Fund Run. 22 companies participated in the initiative, and more than 1000 people attended the event. The run was so successful that €67,995 was donated to the Unoentrecienmil Foundation. A second edition will be held on 18 April 2020.

One of the latest initiatives from the company was the Christmas Donation to the Madrina and Pequeño Deseo Foundations. The Charity Fund allocated €20,000 to each of these Foundations to buy Christmas presents for disadvantaged children and to fulfil the wishes of 35 children hospitalised in public hospitals throughout Spain.

Moreover, among other actions, Allfunds sends every year two containers with first-hand support material to the Khanimambo Foundation in Mozambique and to the Esteban García Vigil Foundation in Malawi. In addition, the company has two organic gardens at the A LA PAR Foundation, and all the corporate stationery is made at the A LA PAR workshops, whose employees are people with disabilities.

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