What we do

The company’s platform provides a marketplace and digital solutions to match demand for asset management products from Distributors with supply of those products from Fund Houses, covering the entire fund distribution value chain. Founded in 2000 by CEO Juan Alcaraz and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Allfunds operates in 59 countries around the world with regional offices across Europe, Latin America (Latam), Asia and the Middle East. The parent company's shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam since April 2021.

One of the world’s leading B2B WealthTech platforms

  • Allfunds has a twenty-year history of connecting financial institutions that buy shares of undertakings for collective investments (UCIs), acting as distributors (Distributors) with financial institutions that create, manage or distribute such UCIs (the Fund Houses).

  • Our world-class open architecture platform provides a marketplace matching fragmented demand for asset management products from Distributors (such as wealth managers, retail banks, funds of funds, pension funds and insurers) with fragmented supply of those products, the world’s largest universe of mutual funds and ETFs, from the Fund Houses.

  • The Allfunds platform provides a differentiated approach to the fund platform market by providing a single point of access to a diverse range of funds across active and passive strategies, including equity funds, fixed income funds, multi-asset funds, alternative funds and ETFs.

  • We aid transparency by providing detailed information across thousands of fund products, helping distributors make better-informed investment decisions.

  • Allfunds is the only platform to have built an ecosystem that covers the entire fund distribution value chain and investment cycle, including via Allfunds Connect, a full suite of SaaS-enabled data and analytics tools.

  • Our drive for excellence and longstanding entrepreneurial spirit have enabled Allfunds to foster deep relationships with Distributors and Fund Houses who trust us to be a first mover within the industry.

  • We aim to remain at the forefront of technology and help drive the market towards an increasingly digital delivery of services through Allfunds Connect. Our shift to digital aligns with our goal to meet current client needs, while also leading to multiple operational efficiencies.

Our key service offering

Best-in-class tech and continuous innovation

  • Fund Distribution & Dealing Services

    Allfunds allows clients to trade with myriad investment funds through a central integrated platform that offers a secure transaction process, minimising risk of operational errors.

  • Digital & Data Analytics

    Allfunds Connect platform provides tools to support investment decision making and fund selection, optimise portfolios, analyse real market flow data, execute trades, track performance and support compliance through regulatory and legal documentation and reporting.

  • ESG

    A range of tools on our Connect platform accessible via a dedicated ‘ESG tab’ to address the growing demand for sustainable investing and to assist clients in decision making around investment in these products and strategies.

  • Blockchain

    We have long recognised that blockchain innovations have the potential to disrupt the global asset management value chain by de-risking, streamlining and speeding up processes while potentially dis-intermediating some actors within the industry.

  • Investment Solutions & Outsourcing

    Launching in 2021, our “Allfunds Investments Solutions” brand is an investment outsourcing and sub-advisory B2B solutions platform aimed at banks, wealth managers and institutional investors. Allfunds’ team of local experts support investment management teams in their fund selection process from portfolio construction to full implementation, as well as offering sub-advisory services.