Bringing the assets tokenization process to the fund industry

Access the new Digital Asset ecosystem by creating a new fund/share class to introduce tokenization

The capacity to be at the forefront of the fund industry revolution

A fully digital proposal to help all current players throughout the fund industry value chain to understand all the benefits of a new era of Digital Assets

  • Regulatory support process

    Active player in the regulatory process, collaborating in the different steps of the regulation developing policy

  • A new ecosystem of business and services

    A fully integrated fund management workflow with a digitalized and programmable fund lifecycle for an end-to-end fund distribution traceability.

  • New distribution channels

    The new era of Digital Assets opens the door to discover new distribution channels and increase business possibilities

Regulatory environment

Collaborating with regulators to help foster trust with customers

Issuance and Custody of Tokenised Investment Fund Shares: consolidating the potential of our blockchain technology in collaboration with industry players

Digitally tokenised

An initiative driven by the application of blockchain technology in the issuance, management, and distribution of investment funds, which are digitally tokenised to simplify their commercialisation amongst investors

Spanish Regulatory Sandbox example

In collaboration with CNMV, Allfunds Blockchain provides the technology and blockchain network necessary for the tokenisation and the running of the investment funds, through its smart contracts solution. In turn, Renta 4 Banco will be responsible for the commercialisation of these tokenised funds managed by Renta 4 Gestora among its investors