Regulatory & Legal

Complying with regulation is easier than you think

Allfunds provides financial institutions with solutions to efficiently comply with new regulations. A single solution to your regulatory data requirements.

Regulatory Solutions

allShare Class Radar

Share Class is a 360° MiFID solution created by Allfunds to help our clients within the MIFID II environment. It enables you to select the most suitable share class based on three core parameters: type of client, type of service and cost.

  • All in One Tool
  • Total Net Cost
  • Share Class Ranking

Corporate Actions

Enrich and automate your Corporate Actions alerts

Subscribe to an unique corporate actions file, which structures all events and URLs at ISIN level, making it easy to read and automate. It boosts your efficiency by removing the cumbersome process of manually combining separate e-mails, and lets you focus on a single, daily standardised file.

Our Corporate Actions alerts service allows you to disseminate crucial information to your clients securely and efficiently. This ultimately creates more value for them and helps you stay compliant with regulation

  • Easy to read and automate

    All events and URLs structured at ISIN level

  • Available in STP proprietary formats

    SWIFT, email, API and web

Click here to see the file specifications

Compliance and Reporting

MIFID information

One single portal for the Allfunds regulatory & legal repository and regulatory documentation search.

Select between the EET, EMT or EPT and download for your selected universe of funds in a single file.

  • European standard templates
  • Multi-channel access
  • Quality controls

Compliance and Reporting

MiFID Reporting

Allfunds Connect supports clients by sourcing, cleaning and processing data into standardised formats for regulatory and operational compliance in an efficient and automated manner

Ex-Ante PDF Report

  • Standardised Factsheets
  • Cost & Charges and Performance Scenarios
  • MIFID & PRIIPs Compliant
  • Multi-channel Access

Ex-Post Information

  • Flexible Solutions: Data File or Customised Factsheets
  • Centralised Source
  • Cost & Charges and Incentives
  • Multi-channel Access



Allfunds Connect collects, manages and distributes detailed portfolio holdings of UCIs between the different asset managers and insurance companies, as per Solvency II requirements

  • Standard template defined by EIOPA
  • Multi-channel access