Powerful tools, perfectly designed for asset management

Advisors and investment managers have total control to offer the best portfolio monitoring and reporting with the capacity to deliver discretionary portfolios at scale.

Client and model portfolio tools

Our advanced portfolio management tool is designed to manage all the data needs of your advisors and clients.

Obtain interactive data analytics on asset allocation, risk factors and performance for your model and client portfolios.

Be aware of any significant events by setting up alerts on your portfolios and benchmarks.

  • Model portfolio

    Define your global strategy through interactive and easy to use model portfolios for each of your risk profiles

  • Client portfolios

    Track and analyse your portfolios in real-time with value-added insights from Allfunds. Integrate your clients’ portfolios or upload them in bulk and automate the process


Generate and scale reports that provide the most sophisticated measures of performance, risk, and portfolio allocation with an attractive and graphic visualisation; customised with your corporate branding. The portfolio reports comply with the MiFIDII and PRIIPs regulations and are ready to be distributed to the end client.

All the information is also available through API

About our reporting tool

Financial planning

Show clients how their portfolios will help achieve their goals. Create investment proposals with an interactive and easy to use tool.

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Portfolio optimisation

Get the optimal combination for your client's portfolio based on the Markowitz Efficient Frontier. With a visual and graphical interface, the user can select the best fund allocation for a given level of risk.

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Rebalancing & Transactions

Adjust and update your clients' portfolios in real-time, execute changes in bulk or one by one on the different strategies and model portfolios. Create comprehensive portfolio reports to share with your clients.

Access a complete solution that simplifies your management operations, including portfolio contributions, withdrawals, product switches and much more.

Why Nextportfolio

Simplify and automate your portfolio management

  • Tools that make your work easier

    With Nextportfolio you can automate all sophisticated calculations. It's available in multiple currencies and comes in English, Spanish or Italian

  • Risk and compliance

    All data and insights can be adjusted to your client portfolio's regulatory limits and documentation

  • Client-ready documentation

    Personalise your PDF reports with your company brand and configure them in multiple languages, currencies and geographies. All the information is also available through API

  • Minimise disruptions

    Avoid long and expensive integration periods when using our fully integrated tools

Anytime, anywhere

Tracks all your portfolios anytime and anywhere with our mobile app. Download the Nextportfolio App from Google Play or Apple Store and stay on top of the market