Distribution Optimiser

Join us in reshaping the future of asset management

Distribution Optimiser is Allfunds’ latest data insights solution that benefits asset managers’ Distribution, Product and Marketing teams to get to tangible outcomes quickly: identifying and contacting prospective distributors for their funds seamlessly.

Accessing the deep, and for the most part real-time*, transactional market data pool of Allfunds, the world’s largest platform of fund distributors, Distributor Optimiser is built on proprietary big-data technology.

* It might not be 100% always real time.

Distribution Optimiser

Commercial optimisation solutions

Distribution Optimiser is the first tool dedicated to delivering to fund houses what many have been asking for: specific leads to potentially convert fund sales opportunities from the largest network of distributors in the world.

Discover your optimal sales strategy and act by following up on specific tactical opportunities:

  • Step-by-step navigation, starting with the product that is of most interest to you, and ending with the most attractive, high potential buyers.

  • Focus on the top momentum strategies and determine where you should come in on the action.

  • Evaluate your product range against what distributors buy and be guided by your strengths and opportunities in deciding upon the actions to take in the competitive context, for example through net flows and market share.

  • Build an effective and powerful action plan by focusing on your most tangible commercial objectives.

  • Identify your most probable buyers, build your sales pipeline, and take action by connecting with clients there and then.

Distribution Optimiser

Actionable sales opportunities

Unparalleled data, domain expertise and big data technologies drive purpose-built solutions for asset managers to identify their most likely distributors.

Asset Class Look Through

  • Compare your asset class exposure and optimize your sales

  • Take a glance at your assets, net flows, and market capture capabilities

Top Momentum and Top Sized Categories

  • Evaluate your product range, identify your strengths & weaknesses, and decide upon the actions to take

  • Examine your situation in terms of net flows and compare yourselves against competitors

Top Fund Sales Opportunities

  • Discover your most probable buyers, build a powerful execution plan, and connect with clients

  • Contact the decision makers at the distributor directly through Connect Messenger