The most important thing in a blockchain initiative is the technology

Our technology, beyond the fund industry, contributes strongly to the continued development of the Enterprise Ethereum ecosystem, solving major concerns about data governance in blockchain ecosystems

Allfunds Blockchain & ConsenSys partnership

Allfunds & ConsenSys collaborate to apply Allfunds Blockchain technology beyond the Fund Industry

ConsenSys, the leading blockchain software development, is the original creator of the Hyperledger Besu codebase, and the owner and maintainer of the popular Ethereum codebase

The partnership enables enterprises around the world a new private transaction management solution that further expands the permissioning and privacy features of the Quorum suite, and provides a new privacy model. It is based on patented technology created by Allfunds Blockchain, that is from now on maintained and commercially supported by ConsenSys.

  • On-chain, encrypted storage of private transactions

    Private transactions are fully encrypted and saved on-chain, rather than communicated through peer-to-peer messages

  • Anonymity

    Private transaction senders and recipients cannot be derived from on-chain data by any actor on the network, who is not party to the private transaction

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