Allfunds Blockchain

The way to lead change

A completely unique blockchain technology with capabilities not yet seen in the blockchain ecosystem.

After years of exploring different existing blockchain technologies, Allfunds proprietary blockchain platform adds unique capabilities over the Ethereum Network for real enterprise solutions.

Read the latest on Allfunds Blockchain´s partnership with ConsenSys.

Ground-breaking features and advantages to the wealthtech industry

Allfunds Blockchain operates as a separate entity under the Allfunds umbrella, with a clear mission: continue to lead the wealthtech revolution

  • Technical Solution

    An asset in itself. A private scalable blockchain platform with anonymous executions: strong technical capabilities to gain traction and engagement with different business cases. A new cross-industry technical blockchain solution, working on several projects from leading companies both inside and outside the finance industry to discover new possibilities.

  • Business Solution

    Allfunds Business Smart Contracts solution, a blockchain technology for fund distribution activities offering the capability to understand the best adaptation strategy and the use of the blockchain technology in different core dealing activities in the value chain

Why Allfunds Blockchain

A blockchain environment ready to test

  • A business platform ready to prove savings

    An opportunity to prove savings in a blockchain ecosystem to understand the best adaptation strategy in a constantly changing environment

  • A way to be part of a new value chain

    It is crucial to understand in every industry, how the technology and their adoption can reduce drastically current core dealing activities in the value chain

  • A technical solution ready for an enterprise ecosystem

    Special privacy and anonymity capabilities for the data governance concerns in the blockchain ecosystems

  • Minimise disruptions

    Avoid long and expensive integration periods when using our fully integrated tools